Shop Mobility

Please note that this service is currently unavailable.

At The Glades, our ongoing focus is on our local shopping community and how we can be inclusive to all who visits us, ensuring that everyone has the most enjoyable experience we can offer.

Our Shopmobility service guarantees that a maximum of four wheelchairs and four scooters are always available to the general public each and every day.

Located on Car park level 2, Central Atrium, we operate every Monday through to Saturday 10am – 3pm & Sundays 11am-3pm.

We ask that all equipment to be returned by 3pm and that bookings are made a minimum of 24 hours in advance by calling Shopmobility on 020 8290 5938. These can be taken over the phone between 9.30am – 3pm daily (11am-3pm Sundays).

On arrival, allow for a little time – up to 20 minutes – to complete the paperwork and test drive the equipment.

Each item is hired once in the day and on return it will be cleaned and taken out of service for the following day, rotating the spare equipment so we therefore have no machine is used more than once in two days.

All machines will be cleaned and sanitised prior to and after use.