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An interview with Steven Dalziel: Buttons

We grabbed five minutes with Steven Dalziel, the Scottish actor and singer playing Buttons in Cinderella at the Churchill Theatre.

Steven Dalziel is someone with oodles of stage presence. Even when he’s not under a spotlight, you get the impression he’s very comfortable being in front of a crowd, which makes him a perfect fit for starring in this fairy godmother of all pantos.

Here, he shares his penchant for a gingerbread latte and the essentials he’ll be adding to his big Christmas shop!

What was the first pantomime you saw?

Oh, I was so young. I think it was Peter Pan in Glasgow. Even saying that, I had like a flash image back to when I was very young and I’ve been going since then.


Cinderella is a timeless tale everyone knows and loves. How do you want the audience members to react?

I want them to be as loud as possible! I think audience participation is the best thing about a pantomime and it means everyone watching gets to feel part of something. So loud, having fun and hopefully laughing is what I want the audience to be doing.


Do you have a connection to Bromley?

I once came to see the singer and TV presenter Jane McDonald. Me and my pals have this strange fascination with her and the cruise programme she does, so we all came and my friend was actually one of the backing singers and the show was live recorded on stage. But that was the last time I was here!


How are you spending Christmas this year?

I only live like a half an hour bus away from here, which is ideal. My dad and sister will come down and we’ll do a Scottish Christmas together.


First bite of a mince pie, the Coca-Cola advert, decorating the tree. What marks the festive season for you?

It’s got to be a gingerbread latte from Starbucks. It’s like Christmas in a cup!


You’re doing the big Christmas food shop at M&S. What are the essentials that are going in your trolley?

Cranberry sauce – I love it. A baked ham. I’m not that keen on turkey because it can be quite dry, except obviously if it’s coming from M&S! I’d be keen for a cheese board too and chutney. I could go on!


What are you hoping to find under the tree?

It might sound dull but I’d be delighted with boxers, or socks! I think when you hit a certain age, you can really appreciate some lovely pyjamas. Whereas when you’re younger, you wouldn’t be too excited about socks.

Images by Danny Kaan
Images by Danny Kaan

What would you buy as a Secret Santa for one of your fellow cast members?

It has to be something fun or something that you might not buy for yourself, like a Jo Malone scented candle if you’re feeling particularly generous!


Definitely, yeah. So you’ve got an unlimited budget to buy your family Christmas presents. What shops are you going to make a beeline to?

I’d go to Apple and stock up on all the latest gadgets. My dad loves guitars so I’d definitely buy him a new guitar even though he’s already got about 10 in the house. My sister loves bags so I’d buy her one for every occasion to add to her already huge collection.


What are you looking forward to about playing this role?

I’m really looking forward to getting into the character. I’ve never actually played Buttons before so I’m looking forward to just diving into it and showing the audience a great time!


Thank you so much to Steven for taking the time to chat with us! We’re so looking forward to seeing him on stage as Buttons in Cinderella at the Churchill Theatre this December.

To find out more or book tickets, click here! 

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