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The wellness trend report with Holland & Barrett

As the UK’s leading health and wellness store, Holland & Barrett have paved the way for many wellness trends over the years, from pioneering CBD and plant-based collagen to making free-from and vegan foods more accessible.

Words by Ellie Mckenna.

Each year, Holland & Barrett crack team of expert nutritionists, trend forecasters and innovators put together a Wellness Trends Report that looks ahead at the ingredients, products, services and behaviours that everyone will be talking about – and trying over the next 12 months. Hot off the press, this year’s Wellness Trends Report has just landed and their experts have revealed:

Generic sleep solutions are a thing of the past

Considering the average person spends a third of their life asleep (or trying to sleep), it’s no surprise that we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of our shut eye. In 2023, our experts are predicting a shift to using smart tech and wellness solutions that will help us to realign with our internal circadian clocks.

Foods with benefits are the future: functional mushrooms & adaptogens. From microalgae superstars to tufty mushrooms, 2023 is looking to be the year that we ‘get back to our roots’. People are moving towards foods that multitask – from helping to relieve stress, to helping with better sleep and relaxation, energy and immunity.

Gut-friendly foods like fermented legumes & chia seed milk will be making their way to your kitchen.

Say hello to the new era of nutritionally supercharged store-cupboard staples! Taking a new approach to packing natural products with flavour, we will see gut-loving fermented legumes, grains and root veg take centre stage, while nut butters will make way for their eco-friendly alternative, seed spreads.

Next level personalisation will lead to giant leaps in wellness tech. From patches tracking dietary biomarkers to breath-testing to determine your metabolic function, the future is all about using health data for optimum health. AI is going to transform how health information is delivered, and we expect to see a shift to at-home personalised testing, backed up with actionable support and intervention for those at risk of certain conditions.

Women’s wellness & cycle intelligence will continue to be a priority

From their first period, to their last and beyond, we are excited to see taboos being challenged and help women understand their bodies. We are seeing personalised solutions and femtech founders continuing to help lead the revolution, talking openly about menstrual health, endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, miscarriage and more. A period tracker is standard for many – but you deserve more than just a calendar when it comes to menstrual health. In 2023 we’ll be matching the right kind of exercises and nutrients to the phase of our menstrual cycle.

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