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The Glades Centre Director, Mark Haynes & Bromley FC's, Mick Livesey, discuss our new partnership!

We had a great time sitting down with our Centre Director, Mark Haynes and Bromley FC’s Head of Partnership & Sponsorships to discuss our exciting sponsorship!

Interview with Mark Haynes, Centre Director of The Glades

Q1: What motivated The Glades to become the main sponsor of Bromley Football Club Community Trust this year?

The decision to sponsor Bromley Football Club Community Trust stemmed from our desire to create meaningful connections within the local community. We saw an opportunity to support an organization that shares our commitment to enriching lives and fostering community spirit. The Trust’s dedication to promoting health, education, and social inclusion resonated deeply with our values, making it a natural choice for partnership.


Q2: What specific benefits or opportunities do you see this sponsorship bringing to The Glades?

This sponsorship presents a unique platform for us to engage with our customers in a dynamic and meaningful way. It allows us to align our brand with positive initiatives and events that resonate with our audience, reinforcing our position as a community-focused shopping destination. Additionally, it opens up opportunities for collaboration and co-branding activities that can enhance our visibility and reputation within the local market.

Q3: How do you envision this partnership between The Glades and Bromley Football Club Community Trust benefiting the local community?

Together, we aim to promote active lifestyles, provide access to sports opportunities for people of all ages, and foster a sense of belonging and pride within the community. By supporting the Trust’s programs and initiatives, we hope to create lasting benefits that extend far beyond the confines of the shopping centre.

Q4: Are there any particular initiatives or events planned as part of this sponsorship that you’re especially excited about?

We’re particularly excited about the prospect of bringing the excitement of football directly to our shoppers, creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Q5: If you could switch lives with any footballer for a day, who would it be and why?

 Harry Kane. Because I could then be the Captain of the men’s National Football team, which would be an amazing dream come true and an honour! I could play as a Centre Forward in a major National tournament, and hopefully score the winning goal in the final!


Interview with Mick Livesey, Head of Partnerships & Sponsorship:

Q1. Could you elaborate on Bromley Football Club Community Trust’s mission and the various programs or activities they undertake?

The Trust’s vision is to empower the community, enhancing and enriching lives, which will be achieved through playing a leading part in inspiring positive change across the Borough of Bromley; connecting communities and creating innovative opportunities for all. Currently working with around 1200 people per week, the Trust runs a whole host of activities, from ‘Mini Ravens’ for children aged 18 months and up, to Sporting Memories and Ravens Chat for over 50s. The Trust’s provisions have grown from just Soccer Schools, to this and further opportunities for all, regardless of age, background, gender and experience.

Q2. From your perspective, what made The Glades stand out as an ideal partner for Bromley Football Club Community Trust?
The Glades epitomises everything the Trust is about – bringing people together! We see The Glades as a partner of ours, who sits at the heart of their community, just like we do. It’s a privilege to be able to partner with an organisation with such prestige in the local area and there’s a real buzz around the Trust, with a lot to look forward to within the partnership.
Q3. How do you foresee this collaboration impacting the local community and furthering the trust’s mission?

The collaboration will enable us to meet and work with new areas of the community and hence, spread our support and impact further. It will serve to ensure that as many people as possible know of the schemes and programmes that we offer, and how they can get involved to improve their own physical or mental wellbeing. Connecting these dots and bringing people together will serve for a better community.

Q4. Are there any particular milestones or achievements you’re aiming for during the course of this sponsorship?

We are aiming to work with 1500 people per week. This will mean we are contributing to the improvement in physical and mental wellbeing of even more people within the community, which is what we are about. We aim to expand our provision of services to reflect the needs of our growing and diverse community, so watch this space for more details!

Q5. If you had to assemble a dream team made up of historical figures, dead or alive, who would be your top picks for each position?

David Bowie (Winger) – Because he’s electric!

George Brown (Striker) – Bromley FC’s all-time leading goalscorer… who else?!

Marie Curie (Midfielder) – Holding it all together!

Mahatma Gandhi (Defender) – A calm head to keep things tight and organised.

Queen Elizabeth II (Goalkeeper) – Custodian of our great country for such an incredible period of time.



We are all so excited for the future of this sponsorship and hope you come along with us on this amazing journey! We Are Bromley!

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