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Spring makeup trends with MAC

Words by Ellie Mckenna.

This season, staying fashionable is effortless. According to makeup artist Marc Reagan, “Spring is the season to focus on trends that help you look fresh and put together in the simplest way”. Consider peach lips, subtle eyeshadow, and glowing skin for a polished look that demands minimal effort.

We asked the professionals at our MAC store to give us the best products to achieve the latest makeup trends!


Peach is in!

Peach is the new neutral that complements any other makeup you wear and adds warmth to your face. Especially in a flattering, satiny finish on your lips and cheeks!

MAC’s Glow Play Blush in shade ‘Thats Peachy’ will give you the PERFECT peachy glow!

Ice is nice!

Try out icey eyeshadow for a unique look that highlights your eyes. This makeup style draws inspiration from ’60s mod and Y2K nostalgia, especially if you add a touch of glitter, creating an enchanting effect.

This Dazzleshadow in shade ‘She Sparkles’ creates a multidimensional, reflective surface that leaves lids looking dazzling yet delicate.

skin that glistens

Glossy skin will be one of the most coveted looks of the spring! Everyone wants to have a primed, perfected and poreless complexion, making your skin practically reflective instantly conveys freshness and vitality. To achieve maximum glow add a pump of liquid highlight to your foundation.

Let your glow steal the show! Discover everything you need to get dewy, glowing skin with their iconic Hyper Real Serumizer & Skin Canvas Balm will instantly make your skin look radiant and improve it over time.

The 90's nude

As the ’90s vibe keeps rolling, dark nude lipstick from the grunge era is making a comeback. These deeper shades bring a sultry vibe without the flashy feel of bright red. Mix them up with blended taupe and brown shadows instead of the messy, smudged black eyeliner to give off an elegant yet edgy vibe.

Here we were shown the pairing of the classic ‘Whirl’ lip liner with their latest release of MACximal matte lipstick in the iconic shade ‘Velvet Teddy’.


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