The Glades
Give yourself a boost with boost juice!

With an array of flavors and nutritious options, Boost makes it easy and enjoyable to nourish your body with a boost of freshness every day.

Have you heard that experts are now suggesting eating 30 different plants every week?! It may sound like a big number but don’t worry, because Boost are here to make it fun and super easy with our smoothies and juices!

Why should you aim for 30 plants each week? Well, it’s all about giving your body a whole bunch of different nutrients that help you feel strong happy and energised. Different plants bring different good stuff to the table, like vitamins, fibre, and other special things to help your body work its magic.

How can Boost help with the 30-a-week goal?

  • Awesome variety: Their smoothies are like a rainbow of fruits, veggies and superfoods blended into one cup! From the sweetness of mango to the greenness of spinach and everything in between, there is a whole world of plants waiting for you to try.
  • Tons of Goodness: Each smoothie is like a party for your taste buds and your body packed with vitamins and other cool stuff, you are getting a whole lot of goodness in every sip.
  • Super Easy: Whether you’re buzzing around town or chilling with your pals, Boost’s smoothies are right there to make your day a whole lot more vibrant and healthier.

Just pop into The Glades (lower mall, outside Auntie Annies) because when it comes to feeling awesome, Boost has got your back!


PSST! Don’t forget, Boost offers Blue Light Card holders 15% off and Unidays/Student Beans members 15% off all year round!

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