The Glades
Spirit Of Bromley
Bromley Food Bank

Come visit them at The Glades on Tuesday 19th September!

Bromley Food Bank is a community-led charity helping local people get back on their feet and improve their financial independence. They do this by a referral system, providing each person 7 days’ worth of food and toiletries as well as direct access to maximise income advice via Bromley Citizens Advice.

What will they be doing for The Spirit Of Bromley week?


With demand increasing and stock donations falling, they will be using ‘The Spirit Of Bromley’ week to complete a food drive. They hope to collect as many items as possible from their most wanted list to help replenish their depleted stock so that they can continue to serve those in our community who do not have enough money to afford the essentials.  They are inviting those visiting them at The Glades on 19th September to get involved and support their work, as well as share signposting information for those who need assistance with financial support.

How can you get involved?


  • Donate requested food items
  • Volunteer
  • Money donations
  • Campaign for Change
  • Check out their website HERE and watch their video HERE



What is their favourite thing about Bromley?


Bromley is a community that cares!


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