The Glades
Bromley's Most Haunted

We have finally arrived in spooky season! Evenings are darker, the weather is crisp and the ghosts and ghouls are getting ready to come to find you.

Words By Ellie McKenna.

To prepare you for this time of terror, we have put together a list of Bromley’s Top 10 Haunted Places! 

Churchill Theatre- In the past, a man in a trilby hat is said to have been seen in seat B7, a lady also claimed that when she was working in a canteen that once stood on the site. She heard banging and saw items moved around, startled by the sound of chairs scraping on the floor. As well as this, the manager of the theatre saw a middle-aged lady in grey TWICE in the area where the canteen used to be.

Bromley United Services Club- An old sea captain is said to haunt this building, leaving markings on walls that are left unexplained.

The Chequers Inn- A young man in velvet green and a large hat with a plumed feather has been seen seated at the bar; local legend names him Dick Turpin. Next, we have a lady from the same era that is said to haunt the upstairs area; the sound of her footsteps and the slamming of doors are the main facets of her phantom although she has sometimes been seen. Finally, a landlord and some guests were awakened by their bed shaking but there was no one there. Seems like a must-visit for fellow ghost hunters.

Crystal Palace Station – The tunnel between Crystal Palace and Gipsy Hill is said to be haunted by the headless spectre of a maintenance man who lost his head in an accident.

Wickham Court School- Ghost sightings here are said to be “frequent” including a woman and other vague spectres. It is believed that one of the phantoms is Anne Boleyn after multiple reports stating a woman of her era walking along “Anne Boleyn’s walk”.

St George’s RAF Chapel- The phantoms of old World War 2 airmen have been seen here multiple times.

The Crown Inn- In 1896, there was a miner who passed in a horrific accident, his lifeless body was taken to the inn and his spirit has stayed there; he is said to be the “resident” phantom.

Chislehurst Caves- A multitude of phenomena are claimed for these man-made caves. These include a Cavalier, a mist forming into a woman near the pool, footsteps and rustling, strange smells, laughter, the distant sound of a woman and children whispering and the sensation of being touched have all been reported here.

Ye Olde White Lyon- An old lady is said to haunt the toilets, where doors used to slam and lock by themselves, as well as motion sensors being set off when no one is there.

Kevington Hall (St Paul’s Cray)- A German pilot crashed and was killed in the area during World War 2. This was discovered after multiple reports of a sighting of a shadowy figure and a cold sensation experienced in nearby woodlands; it is said this is where his spirit resides.

Get your broomsticks ready and see for yourself! These spectacularly spooky locations will get you prepped and ready for a season of terror.

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