Biodiversity at The Glades


The air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat all rely on biodiversity. Biodiversity is about diversity – the range of different living things and systems in an area. The more plant, insect and animal species there are in one area the greater the biodiversity and the healthier the ecosystem.

The biodiversity around us was an inspiration to Charles Darwin, who lived in the borough for forty years and gave him insights into the variety and complex ‘functioning’ of the natural world. It is this natural world on which we strongly depend for our health, wealth, food, fuel and more!

Here at The Glades we are making use of a previously disused roof top garden that can be seen via the walkway link to the Pavilion Car Park and transforming it into an area for wildlife to help the natural world.

In October 2019, we announced our plans with our educational event ‘Wild Glades’ in which we opened up our own ‘natural history museum’ equipped with a mixture of wildlife specimens to study, including crabs, voles and fish, as well as small bones and fossils, much of which can be found in your back garden or surrounding areas. Since then, the team have worked with biodiversity experts Artecology to further develop the roof garden, sowing literally thousands of wildflower seeds, and installing Biototems and nest boxes.

We’re delighted to report that the invertebrate and plant species count in our roof meadow is way up! Back in August 2020, more habitat for solitary bees was also added, as well as a series of micro pools that will benefit a myriad of species from birds to insects, and even aquatic animals.

Check out the below timelapse to watch the team in action.

View the short film below made by Arc Biodiversity & Climate which gives a fascinating insight into the development of The Glades Sky garden; designed to shape better places for people and wildlife in Bromley.