New Menswear store opens in Regent Arcade

This is NA’s first independent store following on from trading as a concession in another retail business in an east London shopping centre.
NA Menswear began with a vision to provide a complete collection for the modern fashion-conscious man. They began their journey 10 years ago designing for other retail brands and bringing unique designs to the market. With the success of their creative work they began NA Menswear in 2015 and launched an urban casual collection along with their fashion formal collection.
NA Menswear have 4 overarching goals: –
• They aim to bring the best quality products and retail them at the best price possible to offer to customers what is lacking in the market today, which is affordable quality products.
• They also keep their finger on the pulse of fashion and set new trends as well as keeping up with them to make sure they have ranges available always that please their customers.
• They have high expectations for the performance of their products and so put great care from the fabric selection to manufacturing, to how they are merchandised in store or online.
• They don’t aim for short term business, instead they wish to build long-lasting relationships with their customers and so they make it their business to make sure quality is at its best and it is an experience when shopping with them.
NA’s inspiration for their collections come from different places but mainly an Italian European tailoring inspiration for their formal clothing line and a contemporary music culture influence for their urban casual line.
They design their products to make people stand out but for the right reasons – simple, elegant details on carefully tailored clothes makes for a clean and sharp look every time.
NA Menswear can be found in Regents Arcade on the Lower mall opposite The Disney Store.