Spirit of Summer: Rachel Malli, visual artist

Rachel Malli is a London-based visual artist honing her skills in abstract art through mixed media, graphics and photography. She’s passionate about wellbeing and human rights, and is always curious about new and interesting ways to represent mental health and celebration of self in her pieces.

Rachel’s work is featured in The Glades Local Showcase, which supports and celebrates creatives from Bromley and the surrounding area.

What does the Spirit of Summer mean to you?

The Spirit of Summer I feel means a time to be fun, exploring the things we love and enjoy. A sense of adventure and carefreeness.

Tell us a bit about your work as an artist…

A lot of my works consist of colour, shape and form. I love exploring in my sketchbook, where you will find an array of abstract mark making, graphic strokes, shapes and bold colours. I use spray paints, acrylic paints and all types of pens and markers. My works represent my feelings and the things I observe on a daily basis, whether it’s a place I’ve visited, a photo I took, a song I’ve heard or current affairs. I enjoy taking things in and later translating them into my journal and final pieces.

Does your local area inspire or play a role in your work?

Definitely, observations of my surroundings play a great role in my works. It’s more the fact of how it makes me feel or what it represents to me that plays out on paper or whatever medium I use. I could be drawn to some really cool architecture on my travels and interpret that in my journal work, expanding it or merging it with my love for colour or another subject. I could see a pattern of shapes and lines created by shadows and light and take a picture of it and use it as reference. Having music on while I’m out also stimulates my creativity.

What did it mean to you to be part of the Local Showcase at The Glades?

For me it’s an incredible experience and opportunity for local artists to be represented and acknowledged, especially in their local area. I’ve gained a lot more confidence in myself as an artist.

I feel it is so important for artists/makers to be recognised for their passion and creative talents. I love how the experience of a gallery or window shopping has become easily accessible and interactive with the public. It’s taken the makers’ and buyers’ experience to another level and one that is more fun and interesting.

What’s next for you and your work?

I will continue to create more skateboard designs and sell my one-off pieces on Etsy. There are a few ideas I want to explore, possibly hand-printing my abstract designs on baby/kids clothes.

It would be cool to see my art in future market stalls. I’ll enjoy the market atmosphere, meeting and talking to new people and getting my work out there.


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