Spirit of Summer: Ellen Jane, artist and illustrator

Image of Ellen Jane, an artist and illustrator taking part in The Glades Local Showcase in Bromley


Ellen Jane is a South East London-based lettering artist, illustrator and designer. Her art is best known for quirky and playful designs, featuring fun illustrations and funky letters.

Ellen is taking part in The Glades Local Showcase, which invites artists and makers from Bromley and beyond to exhibit and sell their work in The Glades.

What does the Spirit of Summer mean to you?

This year especially, the Spirit of Summer to me means spending time with loved ones, and being outside in the sun (or the rain, thanks England!).

What are your top tips for enjoying Bromley and the surrounding area in the summer?

Two words: Pub. Garden. Bromley has some amazing outdoor spots that are perfect for relaxing in with a cold pint. Special mention to all the dog-friendly places too!

Tell us a bit about your work as an artist…

I am a lettering artist, illustrator and designer, and love creating work that is fun and playful, and often features some funky-looking letters!

Does your local area inspire or play a role in your work?

Yes! I am forever being inspired by street art/murals, and South London has a lot of them! Once you start looking out for it, you’ll notice them everywhere.

What did it mean to you to be part of the Local Showcase at The Glades?

I moved to Bromley when I was 11, so the Glades has been a staple of my life for years. It’s such an iconic part of Bromley, and having the opportunity to display my work there was a real ‘pinch yourself’ moment for me.


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