One Great Day Fund Raiser

The Glades will be participating in JLL’s Miles with Meaning event between Saturday 21st August – Sunday 19th September to raise money for One Great Day .

One Great Day is a fantastic initiative that helps teams across our industry have fun whilst raising money for the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital and other children’s charities.

Miles with Meaning, created by JLL’s retail team, can be as small as counting your daily steps whilst on site or as big as a triathlon you have planned during that time. All steps and miles count toward our grand total whether those miles are by foot, cycling or even swimming.

Of course the ultimate aim is to raise as much money for charity as possible, by us gathering sponsorships from all those we know. However, we also aim to be the shopping centre team that contributes the most miles towards the target of 158,350 miles, equal to circling the Earth 20 times.



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