New Foodbank drop-off point opens at The Glades

The Glades is proud to support Bromley Borough Foodbank with a dedicated drop-off point on the Upper Mall. Visit the Foodbank between 9 am and 7 pm, and help your neighbours in need by contributing non-perishable food items or making a donation.

The new drop-off point was officially opened on Wednesday 21 April by the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Hannah Gray.

The pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people needing support from food banks, including in Bromley. Between January 2020 and January 2021, the number of people using the Bromley Borough Foodbank rose by 33%.


Photograph of the Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Hannah Gray, and Mark Haynes, The Glades Centre Director, at the official opening of the Foodbank
The Mayor of Bromley, Councillor Hannah Gray, and Mark Haynes, The Glades Centre Director


“Food poverty is absolutely on the rise,” says Amanda Stone, Project Manager at Bromley Borough Foodbank. “The pandemic has exacerbated the issue, but there are many factors involved, from ill health to domestic violence. Delays in the benefits system can also lead rapidly to debt.”

“Simply put, we know that without Bromley Borough Foodbank, people within our borough would be going without food because they don’t have enough money for the basics. So we’re very excited to open this new drop-off point and make it easier for Bromley residents to help their neighbours.”

“Many people have had a very hard time through the pandemic,” says Mark Haynes, Centre Director of The Glades. “It’s absolutely right that at a time when people are starting to shop again and get back to ‘normal’, we’re also thinking about how we can help each other and do our best for Bromley.”

The Foodbank’s most urgently needed items include tins of fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, plus UHT milk and toilet paper. For more information, please visit

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