Christmas but not as you…. nose it!

Christmas cheer in Bromley town centre

Each weekend in the run up to Christmas Your Bromley will bring a range of wonderful roaming acts to Bromley town centre and The Glades (acts and timings may change).

Each act will perform three times a day and the the timings are:
11:00hrs (roaming throughout the town centre & Market Square)
13:00hrs (in The Glades)
15:00hrs (roaming throughout the town centre & Market Square)

December 1st– Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth

An extraordinary puppet based walkabout from The Flying Buttresses. Meet Hodman Dodmanott and his beautiful wife Sally Forth. This memorable couple amble merrily through the crowds bringing laughter and joy wherever they go. Enjoy their hilarious attempts at Christmas shopping and carol singing (although singing may not be quite the right word!).

December 2nd– Christmas Nutkins

These two are nuts about Christmas…
Mr and Mrs Nutkin love everything about Christmas and are eager to forage for the right present for everyone. Their excitement is catching and their festive, fluffy, cosy squirrel charm is irresistible. The perfect guests for a jolly Christmas gathering.

December 8th– The Blue Belles

The Blue Belles bring the delights of spring and summer meadows to your event. Based on our famous native bluebell flower — “fairy thimbles” — which represents everlasting love, The Blue Belles are magical as well as beautiful.

December 9th– Period Prestidigitation

Enter Mr. Barnard as a beautifully attired Victorian gent with an array of amazing tricks, including orange juggling and spinning Christmas puddings. There is plenty of audience participation and a little bit of Dickens quotation in this right rib-tickler of a show. Don’t be a curmudgeon, enjoy the wonder and consternation and fulfil all your great expectations.

December 15th– The Glitter Belles

Sculptural creations inspired by 1970’s disco combined with avant-garde fashion, designed for impact.
With an eye for movement detail and exquisite costume, these stunning silver or gold Glitter Belles can be ground based or on stilts for extra effect, both are guaranteed to create something of a stir. Each costume has inbuilt light balls giving off an opulent glow and LEDs to create a shimmering mirror ball effect from the headdress.

December 16th– Betty Twinkle

‘Ello, just flown in from Lapland. I’m checking in advance for Santa – who’s been good then?’
Betty Twinkle is an old Victorian fairy, full of cockney ‘good cheer all around’, riding on the back of Robin, her red breasted giant magical robin who seems to know who has or has not been good. Robin whistles classic Christmas songs whilst Betty works her magic with fairy dust, snow and chocolate gold coins for those whose behaviour passes Robin’s rigorous tests.
‘Ere, ‘appy Christmas, ‘ave a sprinkling of fairy dust

December 22nd– Musical Ruth goes Jingle Jingle

Deck Bromley town centre with boughs of holly and let’s have a ding dong merrily on high. Here comes Musical Ruth and the amazing, magical, mobile piano!
Ready for the festive season, Musical Ruth’s piano is chock-a-block with all your favourite Christmas songs. Crazy dance routines, hilarious facial contortions and mad sound effects are all mixed up with oodles of festive cheer. Special versions of Jingle Bells, Little Donkey and Mistletoe and Wine are just some of the Christmas songs performed by Sister Ruth, the madcap nun.
Make it one to remember and let Musical Ruth ‘BLESS YOU!’ this Christmas.

December 23rd– Bouncing Elves

Sizing up a Christmas crowd is a big job, so Santa has sent out his biggest helpers Horace and Boris to take notes. How do you measure up – Naughty or Nice? They’ll be bouncing around deciding who deserves a visit from the boss man.

December 24th– Roller Skating Illuminated Presents

Two elegant and beautifully illuminated twinkling white presents, skilfully glide their way through the busy crowds.
Eye catching and mesmerising, these extraordinary, authentic and delightfully vintage presents look like they have appeared from nowhere and can disappear again in a flash. They are guaranteed to light up the faces of your expectant guests with their oversized glowing bows and love to surprise children with a pirouette and a squeal of excitement.