Soo…The Glades is BACK, Bromley! Its been a full 25 years since we first opened our doors for all of you lovely people, way back in 1991. This had us thinking – what else was going on that year?

Well, we’ve pulled together the top 25 highlights from those glorious 365 days…enjoy!


  1. 1991 was a year of extremes…there was a LOT of snow

  1. There were also some pretty extreme fashions. Clash-tastic!

  1. It was the Chinese year of the goat

  1. Despite it being the year of the goat, it was a certain blue spiky hedgehog we were all obsessed with – SONIC!

  1. John Major had just replaced Maggie T as PM

  1. …and Donald Trump hadn’t even thought about politics yet!

  1. On the small screen, we were all watching ‘Noel’s House Party’

  1. …and on the big screen, we were obsessing over the ‘Terminator 2’. Hasta la vista, baby!

  1. Arnie missed out at the Oscars though – it was Kevin Costner who cleaned up on the night!

  1. Diana was our major fashion icon

  1. …and her son, Harry’s rival for ‘most eligible redhead’, Ed Sheeran, was born!

  1. Tottenham Hotspur beat Nottingham Forest to win the FA Cup

  1. The sun certainly hadn’t gone down on Elton John – he won the Brit award for ‘Best male’ that year
Skagerak Arena June 2009
  1. …and Lisa Stansfield won the Brit for ‘Best female’ – where’s Lisa now, eh?

  1. We lost Queen legend Freddie Mercury, and music hasn’t been the same since

  1. The internet was made available for commercial use, and total users reached 1 million. Compare that to now – users reached 3,424,971,237 at the last count!

  1. Bomber jackets were having a moment – a trend that we’ve recycled for 2016!

  1. Will Smith was the freshest prince around…


  1. …and Kate Moss was the freshest face around! At just 16, she’d just been scouted whilst walking through JFK airport

  1. We were driving around in a Ford Fiesta, the UK’s most desirable car at the time

  1. …and whilst driving in our Fiestas, we were all singing Bryan Adams’ hit ‘I do it for you’ – he clung to the number one spot for 16 long weeks!

  1. Men had finally ditched the mullet (hurrah!) in favour of the ‘caesar’ cut, or the grungy mid-length do

  1. We accidentally allowed a commoner on a postage stamp with the Queen for the first time ever – good going Harold Blumenthal!

  1. Mobile phones looked like THIS

And last, but definitely not least…


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